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  1. Sphinx in Gallery

    Hi guys, I;d like to see sphinx in gallery.Today we have about 250k pictures and about 1.3m comments in gallery. Searching in natural way is killing our DB.Could You please recover and update the sphinx search like it was in gallery 3.x? I know it was buggy but would help us definietely.
  2. Amazon AWS CDN Intergration

    ‚Äčthe link is not workingDmacleo could You tell us how to set up Amazon CloudFront?Regards
  3. (SD) Outdate Emails

    very good app, in few days we have cleaned db up to 5%
  4. IMG 0082 Res

  5. (SD) Topic Suggester

    works fine on my site
  6. Classifieds

    any news on 3.4?
  7. Some Gallery 5 Feedback

    is there any possibility to have sphinx in gallery? Would be nice for me - when I have about 200k pictures and we are close to 1M comments
  8. Some Gallery 5 Feedback

    it stopped working in 3.2 :)
  9. New Seo Update Suggestion

    guys this is one of the possible solution. I was using vBSEO on one of my sites and there was probably 4 or 5 ways to set up links - with hierachical way and with flat way we have now in ipb. results for G was really good but I decided to give up 2 boards - my time was so expensive for me that I wanted to spend it only on sw for boards, because the functionality for me was on same level
  10. New Seo Update Suggestion

    vBulletin SEO uses such a solution:http://forum.android.com.pl/f87/zablokowany-telefon-przez-podanie-za-ej-kombinacji-7210/ so forum is showed with f and ID, but the topic without any letter. Their seo is not so bad. This is an example of the biggest and very good visible in Google polish site about smart phones
  11. has anybody checked the seo improvement?
  12. Yeah, I'm not asking 3.3.2 to 3.3.3, I'm asking bigger upgrade 3.2.3 to 3.3.3 Can not see pure benefts of about 2 days work for my webdeveloper
  13. Is it really worth to upgrade from 3.2 to 3.3? What are the benefits?