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  1. IPS Quality of service gone downhill

    No to hijack your thread, Oz, but I have to say I am very pleased with the service I have received from IPS staff. I certainly haven't seen it degrade. Granted, I don't use IP.Chat - nor will I ever. (Nothing against their chat. I just figure if people want to chat, they can go elsewhere. I run an online forum. They can post there if they have something to say.) But, concerning any issues I have had come up, IPS staff has been on the ball. I'm glad to be able to help support the team, even though I am only a two license holder.
  2. IPB Support Forums keep Crashing?

    Then, you may wanna renew that soon, wherever you purchased your original patience from. It never hurts to have a little extra patience. ----------- I am having problems to, trying to load the site. Try going through a proxy and see if that helps. It did well for my connection. Give them time to sort it, mate.
  3. Site is SLOW!

    I have cleared my cache, and have done tons of things that I knew had nothing to do with it. As I have stated, the only way I can continually access the site currently, is if I go through my proxy server. When I set Firefox to automatically sort it, I can load only one page. That's it - one. Anything after simply will not load. Now, where did I put that "I don't know" smiley? :)
  4. Site is SLOW!

    When I visit this forum using Firefox (I have not tried other browsers), I notice the first page loads fine, regardless which page I load. However, any IPS page I attempt to visit afterward will not load. This, to my knowledge, is the only site I am having these issues with. Now, while visiting the site through my proxy server, it loads fine. I can visit any number of pages I wish, on this site. It is only when I am going through the default settings on Firefox, that this occurs. By the way, I recently updated Firefox, by the way, to v17.0.1. This problem did not occur before the upgrade. Any help you may provide would be appreciated. Paul
  5. IP.Downloads Preview?

    As soon as I can, I will. At the moment, there are no available slots.
  6. IP.Downloads Preview?

    Touché. I wasn't thinking at the time I actually posted the topic. But, I am looking for a basic version that I can start fresh with, to have full admin access rights to.
  7. IP.Downloads Preview?

    Is it possible to see a working version of IP.Downloads? Or, is it possible to install one long enough to get a feel for it and see what it is like, before making the decision to purchase it? I have tons of files that I think may work well with IP.Downloads, but I am not sure. I would like to have the option to charge for some, but have others for free. I would like to have some open to the public, while others are available only to active members. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, that I would want as an option. That is pretty much it, I think.
  8. This also irks people who are seeking information they found (that is posted on your forum) while doing an internet search. The search engine spiders may be granted access, thereby being able to view the content and index it. While the viewer - a live person, then clicks the link to read the thread - only to find out that he must register prior to being able to view the content. I have had this happen to me a number of times in the past. I simply close the browser and find another source for the information, rather than taking time to register on that particular site. If the visitor, however, finds the information on your forum, they (often) will stick around and view other threads on the site. Ultimately, this causes many guests to register and become active members of your forums. Long ago, I chose to open all general forums to visitors / guests, primarily to prevent this very thing from happening.
  9. My Notifications Deletion

    I have a suggestion for the next upgrade of IPB. (I am currently running v3.3.4.) 1. On the "My Notifications" page in the user control panel, please move the "tick all" tick box and the "Delete Selected" button adjacent to each other. As you know, the current "tick all" box is at the top of the page, while the "Delete Selected" button is at the bottom of the same page. Don't get me wrong here. I love scrolling up and down hundreds of pages as much as the next guy. But, this would help those who do not. :lol: 2. Again, concerning "My Notifications". Would it be possible to add a "Delete All Notifications" option, for those of us with short memories and end up accruing 2,000 pages of notifications? Thanks to the staff for your consideration,
  10. Turning Board Off

    1. Yes, in the ACP you can switch the forum off-line. You can also give access to, or restrict access from, any user group, while it is offline. 2. Yes, TONS of people make skins for free and for fees. Most, in my opinion, or quite reasonably priced - perhaps priced too low, really.
  11. Revoking warnings

    You should warn yourself, restricting your account from posting for 24 hours. :D
  12. Favicon should be a SETTING...

  13. Two copies of IPBoard

    You are also buying because it is the best forum software on the market. Okay, maybe this is only my opinion. But, I have been using IPS' forum software since 2006. I have always had great communication with the staff, regarding technical issues, etc., and the other IPS Forum members help each other, as well. Bite the bullet, buy the software, and install it. You will not regret the investment.
  14. Finding forums RUNNING IPB 3.2/3.3 ...

    Um, how about asking some of the members for their site urls? Some even post them in their signatures. I have two: www.livingincebuforums.com and www.livingincambodiaforums.com Both are currently v3.3.1.
  15. Fake a few members on new boards

    I am aware of what you meant. That doesn't change anything. The main topic a person chooses to focus their forum on is what determines the amount of (actual) activity they get, and the members who join. I may be wrong, but I would think that, most people who are creating forums online are younger people. They are probably under 30, probably more impatient than older people (I'm 45). Regardless, if people are going to host, install, and run an online forum, they need to learn patience. Start populating the forum with posts. Start asking friends, or people who are involved in the main topic of the forum to start joining. For example, a license I hold was not doing anything for anyone. No reason to renew it if I were not going to do something with it. So, I got with a friend, installed the software, and set up the site for him to run. He seems to enjoy it, by the way. Anyway, we have begun contacting others, asking them if they would like to join and post. (The topic is about Cambodia.) We have offered business owners all the advertising they wish to do, for free. I set up a user group specifically for them, so they may put a link, banner, and other information in their signatures. So far, we have three members who do that. We have 43 members, and the forum was started a month ago. I think that is pretty good, considering the forum is just starting out. In time, if we are patient, it will grow. There is no rush for it to do so, however. Patience, friends. Patience. The alternative is, if / when members find out the owner / administrator lied or deceived them by putting false stats up, may cost them in the end. ---------------- As a personal note, any hacks / mods like those, which allow the owner / administrator to alter the actual stats of a forum should be banned by IPS, period. Of course, this is only my personal opinion. I'm sure yours, as well as others, may vary. I just hope some of you will think, and do things the proper way, rather than to resort to such measures. Okay. I am done with this topic. I think everyone is pretty sure of my view on this matter.