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  1. I run a genealogy forum on V3 iPboard, with quite a few boards and want to offer the members to write stories themselves of their experiences in this field.  And in that to be able to add screenshots, PDF files, pictures etc. Do try to determine and need some advice [if/when I upgrade to V4] what to choose:What are the differences of Blogs and Pages, and user options?What are the differences of Gallery and Downloads, and users options? I am not able to figure it out with the info I found on the product's site.TIA 
  2. when is the next time IPB will have a sale or a deep discount on the board apps.  They always have them when I'm broke but when I have money I never can catch a sell ha ha When will the next sell or discount happen?  I want to compete my board but the prices are too steep.  The renewal feels alone bi-annually almost equate to the price of the suite and the board itself.  thats a lot of money for a number
  3. Betas for ALL applications available

    We have built public beta releases of our entire product line up for testing. Please be aware that beta releases are not supported by IPS technical support. We do not recommend running them on a live site, you may be unable to upgrade from a beta release to the final version, and our only course of support is to recommend you restore a backup of your site if you face any issues. We appreciate clients who wish to participate in beta testing programs. We would recommend cloning your live site, or installing these betas to a new test environment, in order to test the bug fixes and functionality improvements. Please report bugs in the bug tracker. As of the time of this post, our company forums are running all of these latest versions. IP.Board 3.4.3Bug fixes IP.Blog 2.6.2Bug fixes IP.Calendar 3.3.2Bug fixes IP.Chat 1.4.3Bug fixes IP.Content 2.3.5Bug fixes IP.Downloads 2.5.3Bug fixes Multiple featured files now supported Ability for clients to manage renewals for purchased files now supported IP.Gallery 5.0.4Bug fixes Ability to create Gallery IP.Content feeds filtering on "featured" status now supported IP.Nexus 1.5.7Bug fixes Integration with the bulk mailer supported Ability to leave a customer note when voiding account added You can download beta releases for which your license gives you access to at our QA page. Thanks in advance to all who decide to test!