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Support: Add Custom Fields

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I am trying to use IP.Nexus ($79) in place of the strong Kayako Fusion ($450) and its not to far away to make it a possibility. Right now it would be huge to allow the creation of custom fields by department that would ask the user for information that would better assist in solving the ticket.

You already have custom fields for packages but it is also really needed for support requests by department not just packages.

For example if someone was to open a ticket with IP.Board not working they could select IP.Board from a department and some of the custom fields could be.

You get the idea.. Of course marking certain custom fields a requirement would be helpful as well. Also allowing certain fields a Global field (so they would be included on all departments) I would be more than happy to contribute to the development and completion of this if it would speed things along. It would of course just make IP.Nexus a much more powerful support tool is which many of us need.

IP.Board Version (maybe a description of how to find the version if they hover or click on a ? next to IP.Board Version). Drop down list of all IP.Board versions.

Last Installation (would be include a field they could fill in application that could of possibly caused issues)

Attach Form (in description allow a link to the required form in downloads that you want them to download and fill out and attach here). It would be nice to make attachments a requirement.

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