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Nexus really needs a way to be able to add multiple products to your cart with 1-click. Imagine you have 50 products and want to give a special discount when all 50 are purchased at the same time. The customer will essentially have to add each item to the cart separately.

On a similar note, it would be a great feature to be able to add a single product to your cart from a link that can easily be placed on articles, forum posts etc.

Its almost possible now but there is a strange key needed for it to work. Wouldnt it be much simplier without having this key?


A better way would be like this:


This could work with multiple items (notice multiple IDs being added. Also notice the "po" option which could be the "product option"):[/code]

Another idea would be to have the ability to define sets in the backend the coincide with the Bundle Discounts. There could be a Bundle Discounts section where you can define the bundle and have a link generated to place on the marketing page.

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Thanks Mark, I dont know a lot about CSRF attacks so I will take your word for it. I will say though that Ubercart for Drupal does this "called cart links" and as far as I know it hasnt had this problem but I dont know what they could be doing to prevent it.

A great alternative would be more support in the backend to generate these links in articles, pages, and the forum. Possible?

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