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Suggestion: Dependent Dropdowns

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Has the addition of dependent dropdowns been discussed yet? I could not find a thread on the subject.

For instance, I want to sell a package that has a base amount of $0.00, and is assigned a value when certain combinations of criteria are met via package rules.

This works with Nexus out of the box when there are only a few options to choose from, but when there are at least 50 options to choose from per dropdown, it really makes me wish the criteria could be narrowed down.

Lets say I have Criteria A, B, and C. They do not need to be filled out in any particular order.

It would be great if the customer could make a selection from Criteria B, and have certain selections disappear from Critera A & C's dropdowns. When a selection is made from Criteria A, then Criteria C's selections would be narrowed down even further until there are only a few options to choose from.

Thanks for hearing me out, and if there is anything like this in the works please let us know!


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