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I want to purchase hosting.. but

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I was looking at the hosting and stuff invision has to offer. all of it was really nice! i almost bought it, especially for how cheap it is. but i have a few questions..

Do you you have FTP access?
Can you delete the board?
Why doesn't invision offer premium domain names as well? i would be more than happy to pay extra. they should have a special side package for that so you dont have to deal with DNS.

~Ive been on a pirated ipb for almost a year now~ i love it~
I will definatly buy it and recommend the paid version to assosiates.

This is a great offer, love the idea :)

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I'll move your topic to Presales as that's more appropriate for your questions. :smile:

1. Yes you get Cpanel access and FTP with a hosted community.

2. Yes you could delete the board if you wanted to, as you'd have access to the database / filesystem.

3. Hosted Communities come with a free subdomain such as or you can use a domain of your own if you already have one.

4. They do:

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