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My feedback for content is relate to the Navigation menu

We can set sub-menu to each tab at the top.


In the URL field, we should have a drop down menu that will list all the pages we create OR when we create a page, we should have the option to add a page as a menu item of a tab.

Also we should be able to have menu personalize for each page.


  • I have tabs in the main navigation bar
  • I click on one of the menu item. ( in this case help)
  • This open the help page
  • That page should have its own menu locate under the main navigation bar and above the crumb trail


If someone can show me how to do this or if a mod is available please let me know. Not sure how release work with IPS but that should be part of the default installation

That secondary menu in a perfect world would allow cascading menu

Navigation tools are essential if we want the community to found information

Any comments/feedback are welcome

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