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Ability for user to change banner image.

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I use Nexus for advertising alone, and so far it's brilliant!

However I have noticed a couple of things that would improve the system.

When a user buys a package for advertising, they upload the banner image. Once the package is paid for, there is no way for the user to update the image. The only way is to submit a support ticket.

It would be nice if the user could update the image from the client area. For people concerned about the image contents, the change could require approval.

To expand this, the ability for one user to upload multiple banner images for the one package would be welcome.

The other issue I have is with coupons. I set up a coupon but then had to cancel the package almost immediately. I have it set so the coupon can only be used once per user, so now I can't use the coupon again. The ability to reset a user's "coupon use" would be perfect here. The only way round this currently is to set up a new coupon, which is not really efficient.

Hope you understand what I mean.



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